Effective Stress Management

"Stress, anxiety and depression are caused when we live to please others."
- Paulo Coelho
"There can't be a stressful crisis next week. My diary is already full.”
- Henry Kissinger

Training outcomes:

  • Help you admit that stress is inevitable in our lives and in the workplace
  • Help you to understand how it works - whether you feel threatened or challenged when assessing certain overwhelming situations
  • Teach you how many positive life events are rated as stressors and what beneficial effects they have
  • Become familiar with the General Adaptation Syndrome, i.e. its three stages and what happens to our bodies when we are stressed.
  • Learn some stress relievers - tips to tame stress

We recommend a full day training with 12 - 20 participants. The format in terms of duration and number of participants is subject to mutual agreement.

What you will learn:
The training will give you practical information through warm-up activities, role-plays, group work, input for discussion and much more in terms of:

  • Stress, lifestyle and health - why it matters
  • Psychological and physiological nature, causes and effects of stress
  • „Eustress vs. distress"
  • Physiological, cognitive and behavioural reactions to stress
  • Fight or flight mechanism
  • Life stressors + workplace stressors
  • Job strain and burnout
  • Emotions - the most appropriate response to stress
  • How to manage emotions?
  • Verbal communication - active listening, assertive communication, etc.

Why it matters to be familiar with stress management:

  • You do not want or need to “burn-out”
  • You want to communicate assertively under stress
  • You must be able to manage aggression in communication
  • Anxiety and depression are your enemies