Cross-Cultural Differences And Relations

“Approach cross-cultural communication with open ears, a receptive mind and an empathetic heart”
- Educal

Training outcomes:
Cross-cultural differences and relations programme  will:

  • Reduce communication barriers
  • Help build trust in the workplace
  • Help avoid miscommunication and misunderstanding due to different expectations and lack of awareness of cultural norms, values, habits, etc.
  • Suggest tools for better communication in person and in writing
  • Teach how to read non-verbal cues and gestures across cultures

We recommend a full-day training with 12 – 20 participants. The format in terms of duration and number of participants will be subject to mutual agreement.

What you will learn:
The training will give you practical information through warm-up activities, quizzes, research studies, group work and much more in terms of:

  • Social norms, values, leisure activities, beliefs, habits, attitudes
  • Signs and symbols / gestures /body language /personal space (nonverbal cues)
  • Communication styles
  • Basic phrases in different languages
  • Manners and traditional behaviour of different cultures
  • National and cultural stereotypes - positives, negatives

Why it matters to be familiar with cultural diversity:

  • Increased productivity/performance due to different problem-solving skills, viewpoints and working habits
  • Diverse teams = unique perspectives
  • Enhanced creativity due to new fresh ideas, perspectives, various brains put together
  • Contacts and connections business growth – new audiences + more demand on the market
  • Retention! – employees who feel accepted, valued and understood in the workplace stay loyal to the company and will not feel any need to leave
  • Knowledge of some languages facilitates communication and shows respect and appreciation for another nation's culture
  • Avoids unconscious bias – breaking negative stereotypes and assumptions

How to promote and share cultural diversity issues:
Make your workplace a safe place where employees feel free and supported to:

  • Express your beliefs, opinions and concerns without fear or discrimination
  • Practice their needs and experiences/traditions and celebrations
  • Organize teambuilding events to know each other better in terms of your nation’s/ cultural peculiarities