EDUCAL delivers official/certified and ordinary translation and interpreting services in the highest professional quality. Our external translators and interpreters keep track of the media, websites and literature to provide precise linguistic nuances and cultural contexts. We strictly follow the rule of comprehensive review and quality control in compliance with legal and professional standards. Commitment to the client’s confidentiality and privacy is a must.

Professional official translations

In EDUCAL, our primary focus is providing official English and German translations. Our translation and localisation services are tailored to the needs of each client, whether it is legal documents, official documents, technical documents or translations of personal documents (birth certificates, diplomas, driving licences, etc.). Our professional translators will provide accurate and reliable translations with attention to detail and quality.

Ordinary translations

We provide high-quality translations that are essential for successful intercultural and professional communication. Our wide range of language services encompasses everything we can do to meet the specific requirements of clients from a variety of backgrounds, with an emphasis on cultural accuracy and linguistic nuance. Our approach to translation is based on thorough analysis and understanding of the context and style of the original text. This process ensures both the technical accuracy of the final translation and the adequacy of the cultural and contextual aspects of the target language.

Comprehensive translation and interpreting services

In EDUCAL, we recognise that all translations are more than just a transfer of words between languages; they are a bridge between cultures and a tool for effective international communication. Our service is based on the following principles:

  • Detailed analysis and understanding of the text
  • Cultural adequacy and contextual accuracy
  • Individualised approach
  • Expert knowledge


EDUCAL provides both official/certified and ordinary document translations that are affordable and transparent, taking into account the following factors:

  • Language and complexity: prices vary according to the language and complexity of the text
  • Volume and urgency: larger or urgent projects may have a higher price
  • Specific requirements: extra charges for special formatting or terminology
  • Long-term cooperation: discounts for regular clients and bulk orders
  • Express translations: within 24 hours

We always provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.
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