Language Courses

EDUCAL has long been active in the field of language teaching for natural persons, legal entities and state administration organisations, providing them with a wide range of language services.
Our primary concern is an individual approach to our clients. Regardless of whether you need to master a foreign language for work or personal purposes, we fully customise a language course to your needs, due to the learner-centred approach of teaching. Whether you are an auditory, visual or communicative learner, our teachers select teaching methods, learning materials and audio-visual aids according to your personality type and preferences .
You can expect complete confidentiality and discretion. Our qualified teachers all have extensive experience in teaching foreign languages. We focus on an individual approach to the client and, in the case of groups, on homogenising the teaching. In addition, we offer online or in-class lessons, individually or in a group. We currently provide learning of English, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian and Slovak for foreigners.

If you need a different language, we can arrange it too.

What we offer:

  • Reasonable prices
  • Premium quality
  • Attention to detail
  • Student-centred learning
  • Flexible class times
  • Courses fully tailored to your needs
  • Individual and group courses
  • For businesses and individuals
  • On-site or online classes
  • All levels of language learning
  • Professional English (Business English, Legal English, English for Nurses, etc.)
  • Preparation for certification exams (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS, state exams)
  • Preparing for job interviews or entrance exams
  • How to write a good and appealing CV
  • How to deliver a presentation in English (effective presentation delivery techniques)
  • Our teachers are qualified, skilled and experienced professionals with university degrees and/or certificates, as well as native speakers who provide the highest level of instruction


EDUCAL offers an accessible and flexible pricing structure for everybody. Prices for individual courses vary depending on a number of factors:

  • Individual or group course
  • Course duration and intensity
  • Course format: on-site or online

What else can you get with our language courses:

Learning a new language in the workplace is of double benefit – to the employer and the employees, because language learning process is not only about acquiring a valuable hard-skill; it is also about letting your employees grow as better verbal and non-verbal communicators.
New language skills also help us communicate better in our mother tongue, because we create and express our thoughts more consciously and clearly. It is proven that effective communication boosts team morale, increases employee satisfaction and reduces employee turnover, leading to a happier and healthier work environment.
Would you believe that language learning is also linked to with critical thinking and problem solving? Simply put, when we learn a language, we engage brain muscles that strengthen our cognitive functions when we want to express our thoughts. These are the so-called executive functions that strengthen our attention and memory, two fundamental concepts that we need to making decisions based on logic and reason.
In a society where people of different nationalities work in the same workplace, learning new language skills makes people more sensitive to the perspectives, intentions and meanings behind other speakers' words.
Creative thinking and language learning? No doubt about it! You have to try very hard (or not?) to express yourself and be understood properly. You experiment. You step out of your comfort zone. Be creative with EDUCAL!
And there is also multitasking, which means that you are engaged in the learning process itself while learning a foreign language at the same time. We are using working memory, selecting words from long-term memory, paying attention, connecting ideas, reasoning, judging, analysing, comparing, etc.
It looks like a difficult process, but with us it will always be your success!