Passionate About Inspiring Others

For over 20 years, EDUCAL has been helping to make organisations outstanding, accountable and sustainable by delivering development programmes through training, workshops, coaching and language courses.

Our portfolio is full of opportunities to improve your knowledge, performance, skills, and effectiveness so that you can be happy, satisfied, inspired, and highly motivated in your professional or personal life!
We promise that our qualified, skilled and experienced professionals will meet the needs, goals and expectations of your business today.
On request, we can also design a programme that best suits your organisation – at any time you need it.

Meet The EDUCAL Philosophy By:

Mgr. Marianna Rábelyová - Educal

Mgr. Mariana Rábelyová, founder and owner of EDUCAL, is an experienced Business Development Manager with a proven track record in the translation and localisation industry. Strongly goal-oriented, proactive, responsible and highly motivated, she is skilled in negotiation, management, business strategy, leadership and team management. She is a conscientious business development professional with a Master’s Degree in German Language and Literature.

PhDr. Sandra Kotlebova PhD. D., has been an English and Spanish language teacher, university lecturer and coach for over 20 years. She has devoted her professional life to teaching languages, psychology, coaching and trainings/workshops in both school and business environment. Sandra is a good team player, determined and authentic, with a great love of working hard and inspiring people to achieve their goals and dreams.

PhDr. Sandra Kotlebová - Educal

Due to their complementary skills and common ground, Marianna and Sandra have joined forces and made a sound business partnership in the field of language learning, coaching and training.
We strive to offer and deliver the premium quality of our services in terms of education and personal development through practical and positive experiences in the learning process.

What Our Clients Value About Us:

  • Personalized approach
    Our clients value our personalised approach, emphasising their needs and goals. Our courses and services are customised to meet each client’s requirements, resulting in more effective learning and better outcomes. 
  • Professionalism and Excellence
    Our clients highly value the professionalism and expertise of our team. Our teachers, coaches, trainers, and translators are experienced, qualified and passionate about their work, ensuring that our service is always of the highest standard.
  • Flexibility and convenience
    Depending on their preferences and schedules, our clients can choose between online or on-site services in the workplace/home.