For a modern working environment
Our priority is to provide innovative soft skills trainings and workshops that cover less traditional but key topics for different working environments. Our methods are based on experiential learning, where participants are actively engaged in the learning process through the experience of emotions and practical activities. This approach allows for a deeper understanding, comprehension and better consolidation and application of the knowledge gained. Our courses and trainings are also suitable for international teams, as we conduct them in Slovak, but also in English, which is an additional advantage for improving language skills in an international working environment.

Premium quality at sensible prices
We offer professional trainings/workshops at affordable and transparent prices, taking into account the following factors:

  • Duration and content: The price depends on whether it is a short workshop or a more extensive training programme.
  • Number of participants: We offer pricing models based on a group size, ensuring fair pricing for both the individual participants and larger groups.
  • Customisation of content: Prices may vary depending on the extent to which the training is customised to meet the client's specific needs.
  • Language: We offer training and workshops in Slovak and English, and the language variation may affect the total cost. 
If you need to create another specific program, we will be happy to prepare it for you.

We always provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.
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Cross-Cultural Differences And Relations

Understanding cultural differences is critical in global organisations, affecting business productivity and employees‘ well-being. In this training, you will improve your communication skills, confidence and sensitivity when involved in intercultural interactions. Your cultural awareness leads to enhanced cultural intelligence, better cross-border relations, and increased adaptability to diverse cultural environments.

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Business Etiquette And Workplace Manners

Perhaps all business environments strive for a harmonious workplace that can increase both productivity and positive employee-employer relationships. This training focuses on the development and improvement of successful professional relationships through a closer look at the etiquette in different settings (dining, dress-code, presents, greetings, invitations, etc.) in the workplace as well as in daily life.

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Killing Procrastination

Struggling with tasks accomplishment? Putting them off? Not completing them? Stressing around? Feeling trapped in this vicious circle? In this training/workshop, you will learn why we procrastinate (procrastination affects everyone for different reasons!) and how to manage and overcome this phenomenon to save valuable time and not kill our productivity and, unfortunately, our personalities.

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Life Without Defensiveness In The Workplace

People usually act defensively when they anticipate or perceive a threat in their environment. However, the reasons for being defensive vary from emotional, mental and personality factors to situational behavioural responses. There are different categories of these behaviours, and the training will guide you through the tips and steps to both avoid and/or deal with defensiveness when it occurs in the workplace.

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Conformity And Its Impact On Business

When individuals change their behaviour to fit in with the group, even when disagreeing with others, we speak of conformity. In this training, you will discover different types of conformity, why conformity does not necessarily mean good teamwork, how it influences group behaviour, and how it can be good and/or bad for the workplace and interpersonal relationships.

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Effective Stress Management

This workshop will give participants an in-depth insight into adapting to and managing stress. We will highlight our current understanding of the phenomenon, including its psychological and physiological nature, its causes and consequences, and the steps to mastering stress rather than becoming its victim. Participants will role-play a 'fight or flight' response to a stressor and ultimately discover that not all stress is harmful.

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