Ukrainian Language Course – the road to smooth communication

In the EDUCAL language school, we offer a Ukrainian language course tailored to your specific requirements. You will discover its beauty and complexity due to our professional, experienced EDUCAL teachers.

Ukrainian language lessons by experienced EDUCAL teachers

Our Ukrainian language course is more than just language learning. It is the path to deep understanding and mastery of the language. Lecturers with higher education and years of experience are ready to guide you from the basics to advanced levels. You will make fast and sustainable progress with our tailored learning materials and methods.

In the courses tailored to your personal and professional needs, we combine traditional and modern teaching techniques, including audio-visual aids, to ensure each lesson is exciting and interactive. Whether you choose an individual approach or group lessons, with EDUCAL you will gain the natural language skills you need to communicate in Ukrainian.

Ukrainian language course and its complexity

A comprehensive approach ensures that our students gain a deep and practical knowledge of the Ukrainian language that they can use effectively in their personal and professional lives.

  • Basic and advanced knowledge: From beginners to advanced students, our language courses are designed to cover all levels of proficiency in the target language.
  • Communication and conversation: We focus on developing communication skills, with an emphasis on spoken Ukrainian and conversational skills.
  • Grammar and vocabulary: We pay close attention to grammar and vocabulary expansion, thus strengthening the students' proficiency level.
  • Practical use of language:We teach students how to use Ukrainian effectively in real-life situations such as work, study or travel.
  • Listening and writing skills: We improve listening and writing skills through a variety of interactive exercises and tasks.
  • Certificate exams preparation: We can prepare you for various language exams and certifications to improve your proficiency and increase your chances of success.
  • Individually tailored materials: Each student receives materials tailored to their needs and learning style.
  • Experienced lecturers: The teachers are highly qualified and have extensive experience in teaching the target language.
  • Flexible teaching: We offer a choice between online and face-to-face/in-class courses, as well as individual or group lessons.

Ukrainian language course - price

EDUCAL offers an accessible and flexible pricing structure for everybody. Prices for individual courses vary depending on a number of factors:

  • Individual or group course
  • Course duration and intensity
  • Course format: on-site or online